Psychotherapy and Coping Skills

Psychotherapy along with proper medication plays an important and miraculous role in cure and positive transformation. It reaches unto the root of problem and helps to resolve problems better. Dr. Kulwant Singh is a popular psychiatrist in California offering an integrated psychotherapeutic approach which combines the following therapies:

Cognitive (CBT)
Problems Addressed

Psychotherapy can be sought for treating different types of problems. This therapy may be offered for individual, couple, family or group and can include the following:

Resolution of past issues or conflict affecting the present
Improvement in presentation (symptoms) that may be affecting functioning and behavior
Help to improve awareness, insight and personal growth
Social Anxiety
Stress related issues
Marital and Domestic Conflict
Dealing with self-esteem and confidence issues
Solution for Relationship and Intimacy Problems
Prevention of Relapse
Curing Addiction and Psychosomatic Illness
Psychotherapy Treatment Therapy

The goal of psychotherapy is to help you improve your life by allowing you to see it in a new way. Dr. Kulwant Singh includes the following types of therapeutic treatments and help patients successfully deal with their problems and overcome them.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)
Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy (MBCT)
Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)
Supportive Psychotherapy
Solution Focused Therapy
Family Therapy
Art Therapy
Psychoanalytical And Psychodynamic Therapies
Humanistic And Integrative Psychotherapies
Systemic Psychotherapies
Clinical Hypno Psychotherapy
Experiential Constructivist Therapies
Various Therapies To Make You Stress Free

Don’t live with your problems as it will hamper your family life as well lead to other issues. Take professional help to lead a peaceful and harmonious life.